Student machine can't see cloud printer.

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Got Universal Print setup and added two printers to Universal Print no problem.  In Endpoint I have a device restriction profile to prevent students from changing anything.  When I login on the laptop with a student account I can't find the cloud based printers.  If I login with an Admin account I see them fine.  

1. I made sure that the specific student account had permission to Universal Print for faculty.

2. I have even turned off the device restriction profile for that specific device.


Any suggestions,



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@dburnham5228 have you assigned license to the user? Sometimes it can take ~30 mins for license assignment to work. Can you check after 30 mins?


Have you also added user to the printer permissions in the Universal Print portal?


Thanks for the reply.  I did assign license to the one test user I have been using and was not able to see the printers.


@dburnham5228 - Can you reach out to Support via Azure support portal?


I will, I have one question.  In 365 should there be a Universal Print for Students.  I assigned the user to Universal Print for Faculty.  I am wondering if that is the issue.



No I did not.  I will do that right now.