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Printing job stuck pending but a restart of Print connecter service gets them printed

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Hi Team,

I'd like to report that we have seen lots of issues with print jobs stuck in "Pending" status on the Universal Print queue. All the printers are hosted via the Universal Print Connector.

If we restart the "Print Connector Service" on the local printer server, the pending jobs print out with a few seconds. Is the Cloud loosing contact with connector?

We are running connector version "PrintConnector.Proxy.0.86.7489.21705"

Any advice would be great.


Paul - University of Cambridge

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@HughesHall, please create a support ticket for this issue. We need to collect some logs to zero-in on the root cause.

You can create a support ticket from the Overview tab of the UP section in the Azure Portal ( 



@HughesHall I have the same issue.

Print jobs stuck Processing in Universal Print.  When I restart the Print Connector the job will print. 

Was this ever resolved? I just encountered the issue today

@Brandon_Emlinger what version of the connector are you using? At the moment, 1.83 is the latest. If you're using an older version, please update your connetor:

If you're seeing the same behavior on the latest version, please let us know.

I am running Server 2019 v1809
When launching the Universal Print connector, the version reports as 1.83.8291.32374
In control panel, Program and Features, the installed version states 1.83.8291.32381.
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@Brandon_Emlinger Thanks for that info, that (1.83.8291) version is the latest one so far. 

For folks hitting this, and where restart of the Print Connector service is helping re-establish the connection with UP or get print jobs working again, I can suggest couple of items. 

1. We recently added a sample PowerShell script that helps reset just the individual printer. You can download this on the Connector host machine, (edit it to uncomment the invoke method at the very end), and run it from an elevated PS window. It just takes in the printer name (matching the printer name locally on that Connector machine). There's no service restart involved here, and the impacted is limited to just one printer. 

This isn't fixing the root cause (we don't know the issue yet), but is a better alternative than performing a restart on the Print Connector service and potentially impacting other printers/users.


2. For finding the root cause, I would suggest reaching out to our Azure Support and filing a support case -

Our support team can guide you in collecting the required information. Hopefully once the issue is identified, you won't have to reset the printer (or the service). 

@keeron has the cause for this issue been identified that you know of? I am currently experiencing this with natively-registered Canon iR-Adv 5500 and 5800 series copiers and have a ticket in with MSFT, but they have so far only suggested confirming latest firmware on affected devices, which we have done.

Any updates on this, I have a client that's using Universal print to print their labels and invoices and they have recently discovered that some of the print jobs gets stuck and wasn't sent to their customers causing them to lose revenue. The average print jobs they sent in the last 30 days was approximately 700+. They are using the latest printer connector version 1.87.8489. If it's worth mentioning the labels are printed via a zebra label printer.

It is a good day. I also has the issue on the Fujifilm printer. The print job stuck pending but restarted the printer get them printed.
I found there are 2 Lan setting on the printers. If I disabled the Lan2 which has no network connection or changed the Lan2 from DHCP to Static. The issue has been resolved.