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Print Administrator role is missing in my tenant. How do I get it?

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@Srini Rautwar

Thanks for your patience while we work towards enabling the Printer Administrator Role through the UI portal.


In the meantime, you can enable the role through PowerShell using the following steps:

From Admin PowerShell prompt:

Install PowerShell module to enable management of Azure AD

1) Install-Module -Name AzureAD

Note: will need to accept to install the module from PSGallery, which is an untrusted repository


Connect to Azure tenant

2) Connect-AzureAD

Note: use the Global Admin user account


Double check if Printer Administrator role is already enabled or not

3) Get-AzureADDirectoryRole

Note: if you see "Printer Administrator" in the results then it is enabled and can just start adding members.


If you do NOT see "Printer Administrator" in the results, run:

Enable-AzureADDirectoryRole -RoleTemplateId "644ef478-e28f-4e28-b9dc-3fdde9aa0b1f"


Add user accounts to be Printer Administrators

4) Add-AzureADDirectoryRoleMember -ObjectId "83e34fcb-2028-40f0-8d37-f84ebd9ece84" -RefObjectId "1319811c-4837-4e2e-bf62-45c80a3dd0c4"


Note: The ObjectId value is the Printer Administrator role object from the "Get-AzureADDirectoryRole" call.  In my test tenant it is "83e34fcb-2028-40f0-8d37-f84ebd9ece84".


Note: The RefObjectId value is the user account's object ID in Azure AD.  This can be found if you log into the Azure portal "" and find the specific user account.


Once complete you can verify by going to the Azure portal and look at the "Directory role" the user account belongs to.

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Hi all,

You can now assign users to the Printer Admin role through the AAD UI portal.  The shortcut link to the page is



Jimmy Wu


Once a user is assigned the print administrator role, approximately how long does it take to "kick in"?

Thank you

@Srini Rautwar The new admin role showed up in the list available roles in Azure AD without any manual intervention. It took less than two hours for the two new roles to show up.