List of printers that are compatible

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Unfortunately I can't find a list of printers that are already directly compatible and do NOT need a connector. Can someone help me there? We use HP and Kyocera printers.

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@OrangeOdi Some partners have already released firmware for their existing compatible printers. Some others have announced that they will be supporting soon. You can look navigate to partner specific announcements from


To get the list of printers and timelines, you may have to follow-up with partners directly.

That link is a very general link. Anything more specific?

@Carol Chisholm, have you tried clicking on some of the hardware manufacturer's names on the page and then gone to their portal? For example:


Lexmark has this link - Universal Print Ready Printers and Universal Print Compatible Printers

Canon has links -  (USA) and (EMEA).


Let us know if that helps.




@Saurabh_Bansal It's really a terminology issue. HP and Citrix and all sorts of other people have products called "Universal Print" or something similar. Since you don't brand as Office365 or Azure or Microsoft it is quite hard to identify. I will keep trying. 

Also finding what firmware updates might make thinks compatible is not that easy.

@Carol Chisholm Good feedback! 

I hope the Canon and Lexmark links helped. Other manufacturers are yet to provide more specific details (as per my understanding :))



@Saurabh_Bansal that's fine, sounds like I just need to be patient. Reminiscing I remember that one of the main things that drove Windows adoption (back in the days of Windows for Workgroups) was built in printer drivers and fonts. 

And tell the branding people to put Azure or 365 in the product name, so Bing and Google can find it. 



@Saurabh_Bansal @Carol Chisholm 

We have two Canon in function with universal printing. it works. don't use the "work around" software proposal. universal printing is just usuable with the right printer and the right compatible firmware. :)

@OrangeOdi What good news, so you don't use the connector application? Can you tell me the models? 

Most of the documentation seems to mention the connector but I'd like to not have any computers on all the time. 

All Printers out of the Serie  iR-ADV DX Serie are Microsoft Universal Print Ready. without the connector app.

and also smaller printers  like i-SENSYS X C1127i Serie


we bought tow of them. to you want to talk? write me :)


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@Carol Chisholm