Is there any plan to sign the .MSI files that are extracted during the install process

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We run applocker and have allowed msi / exe files that are signed but have had to add file hash / path rules for multiple msi files to get this installed.


I am referring to the connector here

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Hi. The latest version of the connector installer is signed. You can find it at



Is this the version you're installing?

Hi, Thanks for the reply, that exe is signed but then it extracts a number of .msi files during that install which weren't. I can re-run and attempted to get these if needed.

@Rani_Abdellatif I found one of the msi files I had kept, I thought there was another one and I can run through it again to get that if you needed. No Digital Signatures tab on this. 




Thanks for bringing this up! We'll add this to our bug list.