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Connector Best Practices

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Is there a recommended number of printers that should be set up using a single connector?  I'm going to re upload all my printers into the portal from new connectors, but I want to make sure I'm not going to overload them.  Is there a max/recommend amount I should connect per connector?

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@Nathan Obenhoffer, there are many factors that goes into consideration for number of printers to use with a single Connector.  These include the host PC spec (CPU/RAM/etc.); typical number of print jobs through the printers connected to the Connector; capability of the physical printers; etc.


As a general guidance, if you are transitioning from a Print Server model to Universal Print, then the same host PC spec running the Print Server will support the same set of printers with the Connector running on it.  You can potentially support even more printers through the Connector on the same host PC, depending on the workload.


Hope that gives you a rough starting point.