Access UniversalPrint via Application Access

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[Edit] I menawhile read the docs more carefully and the create commands are explicitly not supported for application. Too bad [/Edit]



Is it possible, to register a multitenantapp and use UniversalPrint via Application Access and still be able to create Printjobs?

This is desired for a general setup, where the user initiating the print is of no concern, but the availbility of the print function is, so not having to worry about pwd changes is a good start to ensure higher availibility.


I can read printers and their jobs just fine with that token, but I on creating a new print job (post to /print/printers/{PrinterId}/jobs) I am always receiving "The token does not have one or more required security scopes."


Analyzing the token confirms, that the application should have enough privileges:

"roles": [


Any insights on this being a supported scenario at all or if it is, what my error might be are highly welcome.

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@Chris1974 - Some APIs can be called using application token whereas others need delegated (or user) token. Specifically, to create a printer or to create a print job you need to have delegated token of printer admin or of the user.


Printing is currently done in the context of user.


Please share a scenario if you need printing to be done in a non-user context and create a request via