2 print queues using the same printer are failing to register

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2nd queue registration to same printer fails to register

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@Holger Luebsen When this 2nd printer fails to register, does the Connector event log say something to the effect of "device_already_exists"? 


Also, how are these 2 print queues installed on the Connector machine? 

@Holger Luebsen , Device UUID is used in registering the device, UP doesn't allow to register the same device twice. It is per design and logged in the event log. I don't see any reason for registering same device twice?

@carmstrong We have print queue's piggybacking the port for purposes like SAP and PIN printing.  So the only difference is the PQ name.

@larry900Yes, we have done that organizations creating multiple queues for same device, each PQ with  different default settings and user permissions.

That kind of functionality could be extended at the cloud-endpoint side, single printer registration with multiple printer share (each with different allowed users/group, print setting configuration), but currently one print share per printer object. 



@Holger Luebsen 


If registering the same printer device multiple times, or creating multiple shares for the same registered printer (i.e. cloud printer) something you need, please create a feature request at https://aka.ms/UPIdeas.
However, please let us know what the end goal is. What scenario are you trying to enable with this behaviour? 
UP is not intended to behave exactly like Windows Print Server. However, there could be different ways to accomplish the same goals, and we want to hear what those goals are.


@Holger Luebsen 

@Holger Luebsen 

We have around 1200 SAP print queues that share the device with a different print name.  Reason is so the print queue isn't tied up with SAP jobs.  We would require these print queues be registered and shared in universal print.  I'll submit the request.