Universal Print: Printer specific paper size

Universal Print: Printer specific paper size



 Sep 20 2020
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I have not seen a way to use and use vendor specific paper sizes. Which is available using vendor driver instead of the Universal Printer Class Driver.


If I select the vendor driver in the printer properties, then I can select the paper size but it does not print and errors out.


In my case, we need this for a label maker (Dymo Labelwriter 450 Turbo)

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We have a HP DesignJet T520 and are unable to print A1.

Status changed to: Looking into it
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I am also facing the exact same problem as the original poster, including the same Model Label Writer. I found no way to be able to select the correct paper size. Universal print only has A4 and US Letter Size. Could we please get a solutions to this.


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We have multiple SATO WS14 label printers to print barcodes, etc through Dynamics Business Central.


Currently, Universal Print can connect to these printers through the connector, but the specific label sizes are not available to select in AZURE, only 'A4' or 'US Letter'. The settings are available in Business Central once the universal printer has been added, but it does not print correctly I believe due to the settings at AZURE end.


This is available using PSAs with Universal Print Ready printers. Please check with your printer OEM.

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@Rani_Abdellatif do you mean that Label printers and Plotter/Wide Format Printers are going to be dependent on PSAs going forward as well?


Or are these kind of printers still on your roadmap to include support for in Universal Print?


@AndreasAsander, thanks for following up.
Label and wide format printer support is not meant to be dependent on PSAs. We are tracking label printer support here and plotter support here. Please upvote these feature requests. We still don't have details since it's still under investigation.

Printer-specific paper sizes is something that affects label printers as well as page printers, since some page printers offer non-standard paper sizes. For that specific scenario, PSAs are the current solution for both label and page printers.

@richardmayo@claudchavez , @ChrisSIT, if you need support for label printers or plotters, please upvote label printer support here and plotter support here.

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Thank you for the follow up.

Will upvote and follow the related thread.