Get label printer vendors onboard

Get label printer vendors onboard



 Mar 02 2021
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Looking into it

Label printing is super critical for warehouse applications. 


We need rugged devices from Zebra.

Alternatively Dymo, Brother(who has joined).

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Seconding support for RAW printing (ZPL). Would be great!

Status changed to: Looking into it
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Would be nice if Dymo labelwriters are supported. 

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In here as well. We are using around 150 Labelprinter worldwide, of which around 8 are essential for our production and built into machines and the likes.

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I am very surprised label printers are not already supported. This is an essential business requirement for so many companies.

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If you install the Print Connecter I guess everything is supported.

Hardware support out-of-the-box would be great.



But with the pricing, I cant see why we would go this way.

We can print just fine using our own devices or one of the many, many print connectors.


It dawns on me that Universal Print is meant as a cash-cow.

So whatever :)

Perhaps someone creates an open protocol at some point.

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@JSN00 at least for us it is not done with having just the print connector:

1) Some of those printers will get their print commands "directly" but still over the print queue. Possibly we could connect them to the servers directly, but we prefer to have all printers connected via one channel. Otherwise no one would no where to look.

2) Currently there is no support for custom paper sizes on UP.