Mar 02 2020
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Would it be possible to provide similar functionality for scanning as Universal Print does? Meaning a user would be able to natively scan to a SharePoint site using an API for example, without the need for different interfaces and without using accounts using basic auth.

Orgs that have the azure ad secure defaults setting turned on are required to turn this off to scan to a SharePoint site if the printer/scanner does not support modern auth.
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This would be great - or scan to OneDrive

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It is possible to scan to mail and create a flow that places the scanned image (i.e. the attachment) in a Sharepoint library. This works with older devices and without changing the AD's security settings. It also works with basic flow/Power Automate so no additional licenses are needed. It might be wise to create a policy in Exchange online to prevent others (spammers) from mailing to the receiving address. Maybe this is a good (temporary) solution for some.

Status changed to: Not planned

Thank-you for the feature request, we will take this into advisement.  We are doing early analysis of this feature and will update once we have more info.

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We use scan to email constantly here at our school district.  Scan to network location is also in use


Scanning with such a solution would be great! Scanning (send to mail), is the only reason I still need basic authentication and can't switch to modern auth only! 

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I also have this need with a client that has very high security requirements and has to have security baselines disabled because of a MFP that is Universal Print enabled. Pretty frustrating that we have to have a basic account attached to a machine...

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Wild the degree of complexity involved in finding a printer that'll both scan to OneDrive or SharePoint and print from Universal Print. Time for a simpler method to both enroll a multi-function printer to play both roles, or at least certify devices w/some higher gold tier of compatibility when both boxes are ticked.