RAW support? ZPL for Zebra label printers

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Just wanted to check with the community if Universal Print has RAW data support for Zebra Label Printers in a warehouse barcode scanning environment.


Currently using Printnode for RAW printing and curious if Universal Print is offering this at all or is officially working toward it?

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@Virakone Universal Print doesnt support label printers currently. However, its a great suggestion and we request you to indicate your interest on https://aka.ms/UPIdeas. You can either upvote an existing idea or file a new one!


We look at the list during our planning as it provides insights into what customers are looking for :)

@Saurabh_Bansal the issue I have with the statement that Microsoft does not support label printers is that no explanation is included. When a print job is sent to the Zebra label printer, the output is rendered. BUT, it is scaled down by a large amount. If it was known that the scaling is the result of Universal print ignoring a setting, or that it always scales by X percent, we could work around the issue. Any basic information would be helpful in allowing the community to work through this issue. 

@RonFox6994 - thanks for the feedback.


Let me try to explain - 

Universal Print uses the Internet Printing Protocol (IPP) standard to simplify print and eliminate print drivers. Industry is still adapting to this change and moving from driver-based printing to standards based printing.

Since this is a big change, it may take time for all types of printers to adapt to it as well. We have a backlog item for us to work with label printer manufacturers to understand the opportunities to enable label printers via IPP standard.

For Office printing scenarios, we recognize that a lot of exiting printers may also not work with IPP - that's why we built connector. Connector translates the traditional driver model into IPP. IPP is much closer to Office printers, and its relatively easier to translate the drivers of those printers into IPP. On the other hand label printer drivers are complex and non-standard making it difficult to parse them and translate to IPP.


It seems like you have been able to connect your label printer drivers with Universal Print with some issues. I recommend you opening a support case - our support team can evaluate your specific issue and may be able to help.


In Universal Print portal - in left pane you can find the Help and Support option. Please click on the same and open a support case.