June Monthly Title Plan V1!!

Hello everyone,


The June Monthly Title Plan V1 is attached to this post. We are happy to now share bi-weekly title plans each month, to ensure everyone is up to date on ILT courseware.


This Monthly Title Plan is in process of being posted to:

Please note: Posting the title plan to these sites will take 1-2 business days.


Thank you. 

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Thanks for sharing, I have some questions on the new courses: NEW COURSES • AI-050T00  was this DP-050T00 and has been renamed ? • MD-102Too  I guess still no news ? I cancelled our course that was planned for beginning of July, but we do have the next planned beginning of August and my MCT would really like to prepare as we really have a lot of interest! • MS-721T00  is not on the latest Become Microsoft Certified poster which by the way still dates MARCH…but is this a specialty or standard Associate level ? OTHER • MB-320 will retire, I am not sure if it will be replaced with MB-335 ? MB-335 is an EXPERT class though, MB-320 was Associate and together with MB-300 the two exams you had to hold to get the certificate THANK YOU @Mindy_Allison



Hi Nicola!


Thank you for reaching out. AI-050 is currently not available for ILT Courseware deliveries. Please stay tuned and I will announce on her and on the Learning Partner Community call that aligns with it's ILT availability and appropriate course name/number!


MD-102 is making excellent progress, and the lab issues are just about mitigated. We are waiting for the content team and stakeholders to give the greenlight to ensure it's ready to be released. I think you should be fine for an August delivery. Should anything change, once again I will post on here, and communicate on the Learning Partner Community Call. 


As per MS-721, let me reach out to the exam/cert team who owns those marketing items and get it corrected.


MB-335 is indeed a replacement course for MB-320, and it is a full 5-day course. Please navigate on the exam/cert page for MB-335 to see the requirements to gain the expert certificate. Microsoft Certified: Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management Functional Consultant Expert - Certificati...




I appreciate the wonderful questions. Please reach out should you need anything else.


Thank you!


MS-721 is an associate exam that will replace the MS-720.
THANK YOU , your quick feedback is really appreciated
I have a quick question regarding the AZ-600 retirement, although the title plan does state 31st July, on the May update last month the slide deck shows 30th June. Am I ok to assume the title plan is correct and we are still able to offer the course and deliver within the next month?



Thank you for asking and checking!


The title plan is accurate, the retirement date is now 7/31. 

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