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Is there a reference guide somewhere as to what CPE points Microsoft awards to each of the different exams? I can't find reference to this anywhere and we've been asked by a customer.

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@Richard_Parker I have moved your post to the Training Services Partner board in hopes this team can help you. 


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@MindyAllison or @DanDonohue can you help? Thank you! 

@JillArmourMicrosoft  @Richard_Parker 


I am checking on this question right now with the exam/cert team.


Thank you!


We do not offer "CPE" points. Are you in a continuing education program?



Thanks for that clarification Mindy, it was for one of our customers that asked. We spoke to another provider who said they would consider Microsoft qualifications for their CPE point requirements so it's a shame Microsoft don't consider them.



I completely agree with you. I shared your forum post with the exam/cert team. Thank you!