April V2 end of month Title Plan out now!

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The Monthly Title Plan for April V2 is attached to this post. The Title Plan can also be found in the following locations:



New courses are coming soon!

  • AZ-2005: Develop AI agents using Azure OpenAI and the Semantic Kernel SDK - May 24th, 2024
  • SC-5008: Configure and manage entitlement with Microsoft Entra ID - June 28th, 2024
  • SC-5006: Get started with Microsoft Copilot for Security - July 5th, 2024


DP-500T00: Designing and Implementing Enterprise-Scale Analytics Solutions Using Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Power BI


Major update for AZ-400T00: Designing and Implementing Microsoft DevOps solutions:
Change Log is now available on LDC to better support deliveries ahead of 5/3 update.


MS-102T00: Microsoft 365 Administrator -- Major update pushed back.
Major Update now rescheduled for May 24th, 2024


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Hello Mindi,

I have two quick questions!

First, in the title plan it says the Applied Skill for SC-5003 will be launching on April 3rd, however I do not see it live. Do you have a link you could share?

Second, in the exam retirements, I noticed that Exam MB-210, MB-220, and MB-260 will be retiring on Oct 31st, 2024. This doesn't show up on Microsoft Learn and I don't remember seeing it inside the last call.

Can you please confirm the title plan is accurate for both those items / share additional ressources about those two questions?

Thank you so much!



Hi Vlad --


Thank you for reaching out!


For the exam tab, those are just placeholders from the exam/cert team. Unfortunately, that gives away something we haven't announced yet, with a set date. 


But, thank you for pointing this out! I am bringing it back to the team for more clarity so we can put out appropriate comms sooner. Apologies on this miss on the title plan. I will respond back to this thread once I gain more information. 


Thank you! :)



As per SC-5003, it was live with the assessments.. and now offline at the moment. But.. the ILT Applied Skills course is live. All trainer assets are available on the LDC. As per the assessment, it will be updated and back online when it is able to. We put out comms a few weeks ago, that the Applied Skills assessments will be unavailable at random times due to updates. But you can deliver the ILT of this course.


We do not have a set date for assessments being live (I know, that makes it so difficult, and I wish I could provide a list to better help, but this is something the Applied Skills team is working on to get finished)


I will see what other information I can get for SC-5003. Also, thank you for these awesome questions  and bringing these items to my attention. It's incredibly helpful!



Thank you for the quick and transparent answers Mindy!
Hi Mindy, can you please confirm the duration of MS-4007? The title plan as well as Microsoft Learn say 1 day but the trainer preparation guide says 4.5 hours of just lecture and no demos.



Hi Jarka --


I just received an email about this as well from Tim and will share the same response.


This course is intended to be 4.5 hours of content. It is not an Applied Skills course. The course also does not include any labs or technical hands-on at this time, though the content team is certainly considering interactivities in the future. 


Thank you for reaching out!