Important update to multi-factor authentication settings



Microsoft is making a change to multi-factor authentication (MFA). The phone call method will be removed to improve security for Microsoft. 


On March 19, 2024 PST the default MFA method will be changed from Phone Call to the Microsoft Authenticator app. You can verify your MFA configuration at and make sure that your devices are up to date.


What is the Microsoft Authenticator app?

This is a mobile application available for install on your smartphone or tablet as an MFA method to approve sign-in requests. Instructions for Microsoft Authenticator app installation and usage can be found on


Why is phone call authentication being removed?

To improve Microsoft’s security posture, we are transitioning users to more secure authentication methods. The phone call method enables you to verify your identity by calling your registered phone number to validate. This method is vulnerable to phishing attacks resulting in identity compromise.


Information and Support

If you are unable to validate a different authentication method or for any issues or questions, please contact Global Helpdesk via  

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