What kind of conversations should we be having in the Office 365 Network?


What conversations will create the greatest value in this Office 365 network? I am clear from the introduction & community guidelines from the Office team that this network is not for support. Other forums play the role of providing customers with support, particularly for tickets, bugs and other forms of break fix. However, it may be worth discussing what we mean by support to ensure everyone is clear as the community grows.


The Community Guidelines describe this site as "central for education and thought leadership on best practices, product news, live events, and roadmap." What do ITPro customers need to discuss in these areas? Clearly from the last three there will be discussion led by Microsoft on new product features, new product initiatives and how to get value out of the products. What other conversations will create the greatest value in the areas of education, thought leadership and best practices?

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My take: 


"Support" for Answers forum -- (note on a personal level, I have never used this forum, nor do I plan to)

  • Any post where I have an expectation that someone from Microsoft will physically log a ticket and provide an answer


"Support" for here

  • I am seeing something weird, or something not working, and I want to ask the community (not necessarily Microsoft) if they are seeing the same thing, before maybe going to the answers forum, opening a O365 support ticket, contacting premiere, etc


It would do well not to put tight restrictions on the community.  If you tell me I have to go to 3 different places where I only used to have to go to 1, immediate non-starter.  Also, don't make assumptions that users are coming here to "talk just to Microsoft".  The majority of my interactions are not with Microsoft at all, and if someone from Microsoft happens to jump in, well great.  But the community is not dependent on Microsoft, quite the other way around.

Thanks @Brent Ellis. I think that logic makes a lot of sense. The community can play a role in clarification of experiences or helping where Microsoft need not be explicitly involved from a product perspective. eg "How do you use? Has anyone? How do you solve?" type queries