Unable to upload avatar to profile

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Hi there,

I am unable to upload an avatar to my Communities profile. I click the Upload an Avatar button, but all I get is a white box (screenshot attached).


Upload and Avatar white box.png


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Having the same issue - using Edge.

This is now working for me in Edge.

@Michael Thorne


Thanks for reporting, a few people have reported it now but as yet we have been unable to duplicate it. I will keep an eye on it. If anyone else has any problems can you please tell what browser & browser version your using and also what your current rank is.


You can see your rank under your name when you click your photo in the top right. 

I'm getting the white, blank box in Edge, IE, and Chrome. 


This resolved for me. I have no idea what changed.

@Darrell DeRochier



Did you get a new rank at all between these two posts?

I received the rank "occasional visitor" when I first logged in, before I tried to upload an avatar. The other notifications were all badges. 



Thank you all! I am so excited and about to be super organized again.  Let's roll.


I'm sorry if I have been an ass!


I am getting the same thing, 'thought it was my naff laptop but not sure as I only just joined about 10 minutes ago. Do you have to wait a certain amount or something?

Hi @Allen

I did have a profile photo (avatar), but made the mistake today of trying to update it. Got the blank box like others here, in Edge 42.17134.1.0 and Chrome 71.0.3578.98. And then I made the second mistake of clicking on one of the generic avatars, and now I'm an empty silhouette :\


Do I need to somehow get past Occasional Contributor level to enable avatar uploading? I think I was something higher at one point...