Performance is terrible


Seems like the MTC received an update overnight, and performance is now terrible. At least for me, are others seeing the same? Part of the issue might be that pagination seems to now return quite more results.

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@VasilMichev  Hi

so today it is different loading is slower (I thought it was the Windows update that caused it), so it clarified.



@A1-A1 & @VasilMichev 


As always thank you for the feedback, we did an update yesterday to add a whole load of new features to the community. Unfortunately, one of the changes caused a resource usage spike on the backend when we moved it to our Production environment. This led our engineers to throttle the community experience, which resulted in the errors you have seen.


I have been working with the engineers all day to fix the issue and we believe we are now recovering back to our usual speeds. I will be monitoring the community over the weekend to ensure there are no further issues. 


Please accept my apology for any inconvienance. 


It's worth analyzing the profile synchronization, because I can now see on my dashboard, posts from the Excel Community (which I'm not in) so I think it's not indexing content correctly.Zrzut ekranu 2022-01-29 124504.png

And instead of the latest (indexes the oldest posts)


Yeah we are aware of this, we will fix this as soon as possible.

Again my apologies


Before the update, applying a filter would be reflected in the URL, so

  • One could bookmark a filtered list.
  • Refreshing the page (F5) would preserve the filter.

Now, the URL is a generic URL that does not include the filter, so

  • It is not possible anymore to bookmark a filtered list.
  • Existing bookmarks with a filter don't work anymore - they time out.
  • Refreshing the page loses the filter.

Also, the forum list used to display the most recent reply, now it displays the first reply, This is worthless if there are multiple replies.


This greatly reduces usability for me.

Performance seems to be better today, however I get the following on each space:





Yes there is still a problem.



@A1-A1 @VasilMichev @HansVogelaar 


I can confirm this problem is persisting. We tried backing out the changes we made in the last release and still the problem exists so its obviously much deeper in our system than we thought.


We continue to work with engineers to resolve this issue and next update will be 8am PST on Monday, or earlier if appropriate.


Apologies in advance for the inconvenience 

Thank you, it looks like it can only get better now.
Regards :)

1) This message appears from time to time


Cleaned cookies and cash, doesn't help. However, I'm able to open the feed from Community Hubs or from link in email notification. That works for a while, when "unknown error" appears again.


2) In the feed only new discussions are marked as unread. Not discussions with new posts as it was before.

Hi all, We have managed to get the system to a stable state on the old version of the code, thanks for your patience but we wanted to use the weekend to diagnose what had happened due to the lower traffic levels at the weekend. You may some glitches for the next 30 minutes or so while caches clear etc but after that it should be business as usual

@Allen , thanks. It looks like all okay now. 

@Allen Thanks for the update, it's a lot better and the new options for sorting/selecting topics was good and hope that it will return



Worked well for me this morning.  Congrats !  Good job !  And thanks for keeping us informed.

Hi all,

We have done some extensive testing with the new UI and think we have now worked out the kinks. It went live a few minutes ago and we are monitoring its performance.

Please do let us know about anything that’s not quite right.



Sorry to let you know, but I'm experiencing severe slowdowns again. Pages sometimes take minutes to load - if they load at all. I had to refresh this page 3 times to be able to post a reply.

My avatar while loading:



Hi, I suggest clearing your browser's cache, Windows updates can also cause this,
For me MTC - accelerated


It happened to me this morning when I started with a clear cache (my browser is set to clear the cache on exit). But performance appears to be OK now.

Hi all,

Thanks for the continued feedback, our dataset for release is almost complete, I am pleased to report that the majority of users should in fact find pages are loading quicker than they did before by a whole 0.5 seconds.

Why only the majority of users? well the components of the site use a caching system which means that when you request a page to load it doesn't always run off to the back, run a database query and populate the data for you and then display the results. Some data is stored in the sites cache, especially large data sets like message lists and this data will be pulled from the cache until the cache expires.

When the cache expires (which varies by component) one user will experience a slower page while the database query completes. Because each cache has different expiry (message lists have 1 minute cache, whereas the top contributor component has a 30-minute expiry) it's highly unlikely that the same user will always be called upon to be the person who refreshes the cache.

We will keep monitoring but so far I am happy with how the site is performing and hopefully you will all be enjoying the filters that are designed to make it easier to find content your looking for.