Notifications from MTC arrive - as spam - today!

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It seems that yesterday's change of site settings caused this, am I right?

Update: today I once again added the sender to (Trusted senders) The problem is solved!

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Oh the irony, my weekly tech community summary email from 'microsoft tech community at us dot khoros - mail dot com' has been quarantined by MS 365 Defender today as a phishing attempt.

@Andrew Brewster 

Thank you!

But strange that no one else has confirmed it?

Hey there,

I have noticed this too. They look to have changed the email used, as they don't follow the same rule set up for emails from the tech community. I am thinking that Defender is looking at emails and because it contains the word "Microsoft" in it, it is thinking it is SPAM.


I would have thought it would be better if the team use the microsoft domain, just like Microsoft answers do. Theirs is Microsoft Community (MicrosoftAnswers @, so there isn't anything stopping the tech community from having MicrosoftTechCommunity @ or something similar. 

Just my thought,

Yes, I observed the similar behavior and if you remember I already share a feedback and request to use Microsoft's domain. Have a look at:

Hi @Nathan Roberts 

Unfortunately it is more complex, I think that the change of configuration in this area caused it:

Quickstart: Direct web traffic using the portal - Azure Application Gateway | Microsoft Learn

Ah, I haven't seen that thread. Although, not much of a visitor here :\

Need to read this community more 8)