The October 30th Weekly Roundup is Posted!

Published Oct 30 2020 10:00 AM 1,877 Views
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News this week includes:


OneDrive family and group sharing now available


Microsoft Teams displays now available!


Announcing Azure PowerShell 5.0


Rajesh Sinhar is our Member of the Week, and a great contributor in the Excel community.


View the Weekly Roundup for Oct 26-30 in Sway and attached PDF document.


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Hi @ERICA ... Just FYI the sway seems to be locked down.

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Yup, sway can't be seen unless we have access to a specific MSFT work account.

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Is this week's roundup delayed, @ERICA?

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@Kam No.

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@Kam @HotCakeX @Mike Dumka Hi there, this has been updated and fixed. Thanks for your patience!

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@ERICA You're welcome!

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Thanks! @ERICA 

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