Teams notifications are not showing properly in activity tab

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Hi Team,


We are working in Teams bot channel and we are using this bot for agent and user conversation.

So ideally when user sends a message agent will get the notification in the teams activity.


We have another feature where the bot application will send a request card (adaptive card) to the agent as a message activity. But for this message , the activity count is not getting updated and the agent is not getting any type of notification.

We have enabled activity notification and feed. Some times we will get a notification in activity or feed but its not consistent.


Can you please help on this?

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Could you please confirm if you are facing this issue in new Teams 2.1 or Teams classic? So, your bot is sending an adaptive card in channel, but the user does not get any notification in activity and no count on Teams icon?



We are facing an issue with new teams. We never faced any notification related issues in old teams.




Same behavior is in web teams app also. Activity is not getting updated