Sharing Screen & Annotation during a Teams Meeting

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Hello Dears,
Is it possible to participants to annotate on the shared screen during a Teams Meeting?

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Only in the whiteboard you can add to the meeting!
Or in third party Apps similar to whiteboard
That's Bad ! Thanks@adam deltinger 
would u recommend me any other app like whiteboard plz? @Juan

@Juan Carlos González Martín - Do you have any more suggestions?

something like vuforia right in a teams video call would be helpful @Nikitha-MSFT 

@adam deltinger - is it just me or is this an absolute own-goal on the part of MSFT? 


It's really not acceptable to have to have a third party annotation tool. I use Zoom for all my external meetings (and about half of my internal meetings) precisely because I can annotate.


Anyone know where we can get a campaign together and get this feature added?

I agree it probably should be a Microsoft option> I know there's the old ZoomIt tools (Sysinternals - a Microsoft toolkit) but it's pretty clunky. I'm hearing a lot of this concern that ZOOM can do it but TEAMS can't.
I think there's a Uservoice but doesn't have a lot of traction. Hopefully it'll be something they add in time as they've been targeting a lot of the Zoom features to try to keep users from migrating to Zoom instead.
Screen capture and screen sharing it with picture editor (poor man‘s solution)

@stevesandrio good suggestion.  Here's another.  Just use Zoom until Microsoft fixes this.

@DAmmar2370  Please take a look at Dynamics Remote Assist which integrates seamlessly w/ Teams and runs on Droid devices/Iphones and Hololens. 

Download the IOS App at: 


More info:   

I absolutely agree. The only way to do that is to share the whole desktop and use Pen option in power point. @SE_TCH 

Thanks for the suggestion @Mohammed_Al-Baroodi , but this really is not a solution. Say someone is sharing an infographic they are working on. .. you want to highlight some areas for improvement.

In zoom, easy.

In Teams, nothing.

MS has half-built a product that is well integrated with its other tools. This is not about zoom - it is about the fact that the users (simply can't do our job in teams). Even ancient old Webex does annotation, for crying out loud.

So, a message to Microsoft.

This feature is not negotiable for this kind of tool.

@MikeWilcox the use case is a different one. We actually use remote assist with the Hololens setup and it works ok. But the use case of the TO is to annotate a screen in front of you. Any additional equipment besides the mouse is in the way


I figured out how to annotate in Powerpoint. Just share the Powerpoint as a window in Microsoft Team, not by clicking Browse and finding the file. It is till smooth and easy. MS teams detects there is a window, or a tab, open anyway.


You can access the annotation pens from the bottom left corner.



For me it does the job for the time being.



The issue with annotating in PowerPoint is that it allows only the presenter to do that. In WebEx and other tools the participants can annotate too, and also use the pointer tool -  how can that be achieved in Teams? The whole point of meeting technology is to enable interaction between people and so far it seems that Teams is far behind in that.

Has anyone figured out how participants can annotate yet? @Betty2015 

I just made the move from Apple products (hardware and software) and have appreciated the Inter connectivity of the office365 products. Teams works great until I realized there is no annotation feature... I am new to this forum and apologize if this is posted the wrong way, but wanted to express my frustrations as well.