Scan a document or save a picture directly to a Teams folder

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Is there a way to scan a document such as a receipt directly to a Teams folder from a phone or tablet? I tried using Office Lens, but my options are only OneDrive and OneNote. I am trying to make it easy for my employees to scan receipts into their respective Team folders, but can't seem to locate an easy one-click method. I get that I can scan to OneDrive, then upload, but 

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Hello @TonyYoung 

you could send reciepts diretly to a Teams channel via E-Mail attachment, all attachments are saved to a folder within the files library in that channel.

To get the E-Mail address from a channel, right click it > get email address > send an E-Mail to that channel with an attachment. This mail will show up as a new thread, the attachment is also in there and in the files tab.

You could make the channel address available via address book or create a PowerApp/Flow for that, there are several ways to achieve that in the end :)

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If you use the OneDrive app with the Office Lens built in you can here choose a team to put the photo in!

In this case office lens has a .pdf format also


Thanks for the suggestion. We use the email to channel feature often. It is a fantastic tool. From efficiency standpoint, it seems like its adding in steps, from scanning the receipt, attaching or sharing via email, selecting the email addy, but I will definitely play around and see how efficient I can make it. 




@adam deltinger 


Wow, I didn't see that Other Locations option when saving the document. That appears to do the trick. The end users will definitely need some training, but it gets the document in the correct folder with the least amount of effort. 


Thank you!