return pattern in microsoft planner in teams

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is it already possible to use the return pattern for specific tasks in planner/teams? i cant find any info about this yet.. and wright now i use this a lot in outlook because of some returning tasks at the same time every year..



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Recurring tasks in Planner are planned. Please see uservoice here

The last update was August 12 and the update says that something should happen soo . I would vote for this as voting will notify you when the status changes.

So good that it has been confirmed. In the meantime there is interim measures that you could possibly try like this one

However, it would be your decision whether you want to try a workaround before the real functionality comes out, or whether it’s too much effort or creates complexity.

Hope that answers your question!

Best, Chris
Hi Chris,

It answers my question, and I did vote:)

Thanks for your quick reply