Request for an API to access to the recording stream directly for analysis instead of using a bot

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Hello everyone,


We want to analyze audio and video streamed from teams, and we think that getting access to the recording stream directly instead of creating a bot is a more efficient way.  This plan involves only a one-way analysis of audio and video. Since creating a bot would not be using the response half, it would be a waste of resources. 


Is there an API to allow our custom code to act as an endpoint for a live Teams recording instead of implementing a bot?  We don’t need 2-way communication.


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We are looking into this, we will get back to you.

@BarrySchrag - Currently there is no such API available. 


To achieve your requirements, we recommend you give your feedback in Microsoft Teams feedback portalMicrosoft will always focus on customer’s feedback and experience. Some new features would be added to the services based on customers' feedback in the future, and your good ideas will be very helpful for them to improve the service. 




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