Recommended location for creating calendar events for organizational webinars to external users

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We host webinars that are delivered by a department (i.e. the fundraising department) at a non-profit organization.  There will likely be multiple people at our organization that will run the virtual event via Teams online meeting video, and every participant will be external, likely without Microsoft accounts.  We will also want to track who showed up to the online webinar, by viewing a list of the participants after the event is hosted.


We're looking to programmatically create these events via Microsoft Graph API, which seems to have equal capabilities to create events on personal and group calendars.  That said, we're new, and trying to figure out the best solution path.


We're trying to determine the best location to create this event in our calendars.  It seems that creating a group for our fundraising department, and then creating the event on the fundraising department's group calendar, would be the appropriate location.


Any suggestions?




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@cozimek. Creating group and creating event for that group is the good option. You utilize graph api's. Using graph api you can create new event and track who showed up for the events. Please check below documents for more details.