"Share to Outlook" to include Chat sender's name in "from" field

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We have recently implemented TEAMS for our company of 150 who are now working from home. We of the IT support group are finding that people are contacting us through TEAMS rather than going through our "normal" channel of sending an email to our tech support mailbox.   We'd like to be able to take a TEAMS chat message and forward it to to the tech support email address.  Now when you "share to outlook",  the address is always our own (not the person seeking help).  Is there a way to extract the user's account information to put into the "from" field?   before sending the email? Thinking of maybe a Powershell script or PowerApp that would do this for us.  Thanks.  --- L 

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Hi @lkeyes - What you're asking for cannot and should not be supported. That would let you send an email on behalf of someone else, even external from your org!


If I'm interpreting the scenario correctly, it sounds like you need that user's email address included in the content you send to the support alias, so they can then reach back out to the right person. One simple way to accomplish this would be to hover on the profile of the user, copy their email address, and include that in the body of the email you send.


@Kyle Blevens  Well,I agree in principal.   The reason we'd change the email sender is that the the support desk software relies on the sender's address to correctly label and prioritize the support tickets that are created via email.  


This would by no means be a publicly available function, but only for our support techs to be able to forward emails that they have received from our staff, which we are trying to encourage to send directly to the support queue. 

Its an interesting "problem" that has come up with our implementation of TEAMS (for all of two weeks old now).   Now, staff will start a chat with "their" trusted support tech rather than throw their questions into the common queue.  


Per your suggestion of the cut and paste of the address, we're trying that that now.

And even if we couldn't do the sender's address fix up, it would be nice to have a button that they could push that would automate the sending... via a script or program that extract the chat contents and then send to the support desk queue email.   --- L 


@lkeyes Ahh I see, that's helpful context. Tricky to solve.


I don't know the content or sensitivity in what kind of support questions are being fielded, but another great option could be to set up a particular team with one or more channels for different support topics, and establish that as a place to reach out.


The support folks can adjust their notification settings for the channels so they get a notification for each new post to make sure they don't miss them. Or figure out a triage process and then the right individuals can be @mentioned as needed.


This suggestion obviously doesn't address getting these into your support tool, but that may be feasible as well by building a Teams app or bot! And it lets the folks who clearly prefer reaching out via Teams do so in a more centralized and managed way.