Notification for incoming calls without options to accept/decline call

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Hi everyone. I have a very special customer with a special requirement...


I've got asked, if it possible to notify people about incoming calls, without options to accept/decline the call. The customer just wants a simple notification about incoming calls, which show the number/person that is calling.


Has someone an idea on how this could be achieved?


Thanks for every answer <3

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@preuley30 - You can use Microsoft Teams webhooks or a bot to capture incoming call events. Microsoft Teams can be configured to send notifications to a webhook or bot whenever there's an incoming call.

Ref Doc:

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Hi, thank you for your response.
I understand that part with the webhook but we're using Teams Direct Routing in the customer's tenant. Do you know a way to catch the incoming calls and trigger an action that is sending the information to the webhook?
As what I've found, there is no Graph API support for Teams Direct Routing.
@preuley30 - The Graph API does provide support for call and meeting bots, which can handle incoming calls and perform actions based on those calls. However, this functionality seems to be separate from the Direct Routing feature.