Not receiving online meeting change notifications

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Hi, I did the following but I did not receive any online meeting notifications when I started/joined the meeting.

  1. Created an online meeting using the graph api.
  2. Created an online meeting "created,updated" subscription using the graph api (beta).  My notification URL was hit for the token validation and the subscription was created successfully.
  3. When I used the joinWebUrl to join the online meeting from my browser, no change notifications were sent to my notification URL.

How do I debug this issue? Thank you.

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@dragon-fly - Thanks for raising your query. We will check this and will update you accordingly.

@dragon-fly - 
We subscribed to /communications/onlineMeetings/?$filter=JoinWebUrl eq '{JoinWebUrl}' resource and when we started meeting, we got notification.
Could you please try the same and let us know if you still face the issue?

Change notifications are only supported for call started/ended events and for call roster events, such as a user entering or leaving, according to the documentation:

@Prasad_Das-MSFT I also subscribed to /communications/onlineMeetings/?$filter=JoinWebUrl eq '{JoinWebUrl}'.

const onlineMeetingSubscriptionProps = {
  changeType: "created,updated",
  notificationUrl: notificationUrl,
  resource: `/communications/onlineMeetings/?$filter=JoinWebUrl eq '${joinWebUrl}'`,
  includeResourceData: true,
  encryptionCertificate: CERTIFICATE,
  encryptionCertificateId: certificateId,
  expirationDateTime: expirationDateTime,
  clientState: secretClientState,


Like I said before, both the "create online meeting" and "create online meeting subscription" calls were successful but no online meeting notifications were sent to my notification URL.  The first screenshot below shows the data returned by the successful "create online meeting" call and the second screenshot below shows the data returned by the successful "create online meeting subscription" call.


Online MeetingOnline MeetingOnline meeting subscriptionOnline meeting subscription

@dragon-fly - Did you pass proper endpoint Url in place of notificationUrl value?
If yes, then please share the request Id and timestamp along with tenant id where you are not getting any notification?

@Prasad_Das-MSFT Yes, I passed in the correct notification URL because the notification URL was hit for the token validation. Below is the requested information. Thank you.

Tenant id: dff0f0df-a0a0-474b-80a5-2e9efe10e8b8
Online meeting subscription id: b4da10be-819d-4d08-8b60-10b809f3621b
The online meeting subscription was created around October 6, 13:36:30 GMT. I started/joined the online meeting shortly after but did not receive any notifications.

Hi @dragon-fly 


We were testing this service, and it had been working successfully for the last 30 days. Exactly on September 28th, we no longer received notifications from Microsoft for each meeting entry and exit.

I will follow this ticket to check the recommended solution for this case.

@felype Hi, thanks for letting me know.

@dragon-fly - Although we were not able to repro this issue, still we have raised a bug for the same including above provided details. We will inform you once we get any further update from engineering team. Thanks!

@dragon-fly - At the moment, we have not received any updates from the engineering team. However, we are actively communicating with them to stay updated on the progress. As soon as we receive any updates from them, we will notify you in this thread. Thank you!

@dragon-fly - Apologies. Currently there is no ETA to share. We are following up with engineering team about this issue. We will update this thread once we hear from them. Thanks!

same issue any update for this?