Microsoft Teams API for live events

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Are there APIs related to Teams live event

- Create a live event

- Get the attendees list of the live event


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@rickeylohia , Currently there is no API to set up live event in teams. Please look at However MeetNow is done in Graph API using application permissions. So a bot, application or a Flow / Logic Apps can create a Teams meeting. No, it is not a scheduled one but it is available instantly.


Request Body:

  "meetingType": "meetNow",
  "participants": {
    "organizer": {
      "identity": {
        "user": {
          "id": "[myUserId-Guid]"
  "subject": "MeetNow from Graph API"

That’s the call body. Simple, effiecient. That could be easily done in many applications. Then execute the call


From the response you can isolate easily the most important information

  • joinURL

Send that joinURl into participants you want to add into a meeting. But there is more in that meeting.

@Trinetra-MSFT appreciate Teams live event api is not currently available. I'm just wonder if it is in your development roadmap? Could you share any insights with us? Cheers. 

@rickeylohia you can create Live Events via the /v1.0/me/onlineMeetings, simply add 

"isBroadcast": true

 to the body. 


You can add producers for the event:

"participants": {
        "producers": [
                "upn": ""


Note: this is available in v1.0 (so GA) but it is not in the documentation. It used to be in the beta documentation but I can't find it there anymore either. So I'm not sure just how unsafe it is to use this in a production environment.


@Trinetra-MSFT , would you care to comment on this? Also, you were referring to a solution for creating online meetings (MeetNow) with application permissions. However, I can't find that in the documentation either. Could you give more information?



Just to confirm - we have an internal website that our trainers, employees, and partners use to schedule, sign-up for, launch, and track attendance for training courses. There is no way to integrate our website with Live events to perform these actions from our website? 

@Jonas2240 We are trying to create Live Events from Graph API and even when we create the live event it does not appear in the calendar. Did you face this same problem? If so, how did you solve it? Thanks so much!

Hi @AngelesESP,


currently you can only create these Live Events via the Online Meeting API afaik. As per the documentation (, online meetings created via this API don't show in any calendar.


A workaround would be to create the Live Event via the Online Meeting API, then use the details obtained via the response in a new call to the Calendar API to create an event in the user's calendar (


I hope this helps.


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