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I am working on developing a web application. In this application, I wanted to implement a video conference feature(peer-to-peer) using the Microsoft team as supports video/audio. For example, I have a video icon on the web page, wanted to open a video conference window of Microsoft for interacting.


How I can implement this feature using the Microsoft team?  Is it possible to embed the Microsoft team widget or URL in the Iframe on the web page, so that UI is not required to develop from ground level?









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@ragup83 - Are are trying to create a meeting when user clicks on message? Or you want to join a meeting when user click on the icon? Could you please explain your scenario in more detail?

@Nikitha-MSFT ,


I want to join a meet when I click on the icon/link on the web page. I want to establish peer-to-peer communication like zoom and other communication platform support integration with a custom applications. 

@ragup83 - Currently we cannot join meeting directly. You can create a meeting using graph api and provide a join meeting URL to the button. Try if that helps.

@Nikitha-MSFT ,

As you suggested, I did embed the meeting URL in the web application. When I tried to click on the link, the popup window(asking open Microsoft teams) is prompted and then the Microsoft Team UI is launched for attending the meeting.
Is there any way to suppress the popup window and launch the Microsoft Team UI directly when I click the meeting URL in the web page?


@ragup83 - You can use Microsoft deep link to avoid the pop-up. Could you please check this docs?



Thanks. Let me check.

Hi @ragup83,


Did you implement the scenario which you have mentioned. I also want to implement the same If you have any idea on this kindly share it.




No. I did not implement using MS Team.