Mention everyone in a Teams Chat without having to @mention individually

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I would like to be able to mention all the members of a 'Chat' without having to @mention them individually each time in the chat..

I know there is a lot of functionality within Channels, for tags creation, but there seems to be nothing in Chats.
If I have a chat with 20 people I don't want to have to @mention them all each time to get their attention.

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@rebeccaheathcote1690 Hey Rebecca - my read of the usage philosophy implicit in Teams is that a chat in the direct message sense is designed around it being with one or a few people; when there is a chat with a large number of people, it is more typically either a) as a persistent chat within a channel (in which case you can either use tags to pick out subgroups or @channel to carpetbomb the channel or b) related to a meeting, in which case the chat (at least initially, though it may spill over) is time-limited and thus attendees are seeing in-meeting notifications appear on the top ribbon of the meeting.  As a fellow Teams user, I'd be interested to hear your specific use-case to understand if there may be a more suitable way of doing what you're trying to do but designed elsewhere into Teams.

@richardjfrench Thankyou for your reply. Agreed, there are definitely more possibilities in the more formal Teams Channels, to create user specific Tabs.
However the way we are using chats here are for quite fluid project related groups, and so being able to mention everyone in that chat without having to manually add them all each time would be great. Currently you can mention each individual, but a @mention all button at the bottom of the list of people in the chat would be so useful. 
We often have chats of 20 or more now, and Teams is built to be able to chat with this many, so this feature would be useful.

I hear you - it seems like that should be technically possible based on chat capacity.

Pending any response from MS:
- Do your users know about setting up notifications to see a red dot in the Activity feed bell icon?
- If your project groups are fluid, could you set up a Team/Channel for a project and dynamically add/remove users according to the flow of expertise into/out of the project? Aside from giving the possibility of @channel to blanket notify, this would then also allow you to leave a slightly more concrete structure of project-specific assets, while retaining the ability to support chat-based comms.

@rebeccaheathcote1690 - Could you please let us know if your issue is resolved? 

@richardjfrench thankyou for your response.. I've suggested to the staff members using the chat in this way, but they don't want to set up a channel in Teams area, and they are using notifications..
I feel with all the chat functionality, the option to mention all in the list of members when you do a mention would be so desirable. There really is nothing I can find that will do this.

@meghana this is still ongoing, not resolved, I could not find where to reply to you.
best response confirmed by ChetanSharma-msft (Microsoft)

@rebeccaheathcote1690 - Currently the option to mention all in the list of members when you do a mention in chat is not available. Could you please help to raise it on Microsoft uservoice.