Manual Install of Teams PowerShell Module?

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Instead of using Install-Module to install the latest version (1.1.6) of the Teams PowerShell module, is it possible to download the NUPKG file and manually install?  I would like to install the module on a machine that has limited access to external sites and adding the PowerShell Gallery to that list is not an option at the moment.  I've attempted to use the instructions at the link below but doing so results in a bunch of "could not load file or assembly" errors when attempting Import-Module MicrosoftTeams.  Is a manual install even possible?


Manual Package Download - PowerShell | Microsoft Docs

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Hi @Shawn Beckers

As per the docs articles it is recommended to install it via the shell session. Run as administrator and then

Install-Module MicrosoftTeams -RequiredVersion "1.1.6"

You could download the .nupkg file from the Powershell Gallery, get it onto the machine via removable media or cloud storage, then use a combination of the docs articles together with videos such as this to extrapolate how to install manually

As per the docs article, it is not recommended, so would do it via the shell session

Hope that answers your question

Best, Chris

Thanks for the suggestion @Christopher Hoard.  Unfortunately the process demoed in YouTube video, copying the module from one machine to another, doesn't seem to work for the latest Teams PS module.  Our security team is currently rejecting my request to allow the machines which would use the module to have access to the PowerShell repository required for installation.  Since I only require a few of the commands this module provides I guess I'll look at using the Graph API instead.

Hi @Shawn Beckers

For sure. Graph - or, another way around since I myself am not allowed to install modules on my local machine for exactly the same reasons, is to spin up a VM on Azure and do it that way.

Best, Chris

@Shawn Beckers 

I faced the same issue and found a way to resolve it.

You must to rename Folder, where reside module files (e.g. MicrosoftTeams.psd1, LICENSE.txt, GetTeamSettings.format.ps1xml and so on) to MicrosoftTeams.


After that you will be able to import module, which was downloaded from powershellgallery and extracted, locally.


Hope it helps you and other members.