How are you keeping Teams Machine-Wide Installer updated?

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Now that Message Center # MC245996 is going into effect, users with new-to-them PCs with older install dates of Office are starting to see the update screen with the Teams Upgrade button.  Since Office updates don't appear to keep the Teams Machine-Wide Installer updated, I'm wondering what solution you've come up with to keep the installer up to date. 


The current method of relying on the user to update isn't very enterprise friendly for an organization that typically prohibits software downloads.  Is anyone aware of anything on the roadmap for the Office updater to keep the Teams Machine-Wide Installer updated with a more recent version of Teams?

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I'm wondering this very thing.
I just ran into an issue with Microsoft Teams not auto-installing for new logins after upgrading Windows 10 1809 to 20H2. I found a post about a registry key having to be re-written post upgrade. I'm curious if having a newer machine-wide installer would have combated this without having to perform registry modifications. Is there anything unique that would cause issues if one were to re-deploy the latest MSI of the machine-wide installer out to machines which were detected with having it already installed? I feel like creating a application for such in ConfigMgr to attempt.
It's funny, I can't find much on this topic...
We have a Premier case open on this one. Will update the thread when we hear more.

@David Phillips Any word on this?

I'm getting mixed results when running the latest Teams MSI to update it. Sometimes it's the x86 installer, other times it's the x64. Both of them live under the "C:\Program Files (x86)\Teams Installer" directory.