Deployed Teams app cannot find any installation, but I've installed it via "Upload custom app"

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I've followed the Build notification bot with JavaScript docs to create a Team App that sends a "Hello World" message to an specific user (email). I've validated that the app is working locally, and that I can receive messages if I install the app locally using Teams Toolkit.


However, after deploying the app to the cloud and installing it using the "Upload custom app dialog", I'm not able to receive messages. I can see in the Web App Monitoring in Azure that request are coming to the cloud service, however, it seems it cannot find any installations, and hence, any members to send the message to.


I made sure that the manifest I'm using to install the app is the same one I used to deploy the app to the cloud. How can I troubleshoot this?

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Hello @SanaLabs ,
The bot endpoint URL specified in your manifest is accessible from the internet and correctly configured to handle incoming requests. If the bot endpoint is behind a firewall or restricted network, it may prevent Teams from reaching your bot service.
Also can you let us know more about the cloud service and provide some repro steps?

* The endpoint is not behind a firewall.
* The cloud service (and any other Azure resource) has been deployed with Microsoft Teams Toolkit for Visual Studio Code, following the aforementioned guide.

Something that I notice is that, if I visit the Azure Bot resource that was provisioned and I click on channels, I see a warning in Microsoft Teams with the message "The tenant admin disabled this bot". However, I made sure in Microsoft Team Admins that the application is not blocked and that the appropriate policies are assigned to the users.

Hi @SanaLabs,
Can you check if you have approved the "grant request for publishing the app" from admin portal?

In Microsoft Teams admin center, I have a global App setup policy that allows everyone to upload custom apps. I'm not sure if this is what are you referring to. The app is not yet published to my organization's store.

Yes it's same I was referring to. Can you please share the deployed manifest so we can test this from our end?

In the end, I was able to "fix it" by creating and provisioning a new app from scratch. I did not change anything about the manifests/deployment but this time I did not get the same error.


Hello @SanaLabs ,
Glad to hear that your issue is resolved now.
Thank you