Deep links to channel tabs stop working

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We have a custom app that can install channel tabs and channel connectors in MS Teams. We then send connector messages to the to the Teams channels, deep linking to the channel tab.

We have been having problems with these deep links with one of our clients. They work as expected in our tenant  and in other client's tenants.

When first setup the links in the connector messages link to the tabs without any problems. But then in the following days the links stop working. Not all channels stop working at the same time, but may be separated by a day or so.

This does not only affect new connector messages, but links in old messages, that used to work will stop working.
We have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app, connectors and tabs multiple times. With the same results each time.
Does anyone have any suggestions why this may be?
Here is an example of a deep link that we use.
We understand that the tenantId is not required, as they are not used across tenants (in the context of connector messages), but we use the same link in emails. Where clients use more than one tenant it ensures they are directed to the correct tenant where the tab is located.
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@Daniel Osborn - Is your app is accessible by multiple tenants? When the clients are using that link are they part of that team/channel? Could you please share more info?


@Nikitha-MSFT, thanks for looking at this. The app is unique to each programme that we run using it for, so we generate a new version for each client. The uniqueness is only about ids and urls, not about functionality. The scope of the app and connector is limited to 'teams', so the user has to be a member of the team/private channel to use it. The user could be a guest in the team. Any other information that would be helpful?

@Daniel Osborn - If your app scope is limited to teams, your app will be able to access to other tenant users also, The user may not be part for that team. Could you please check whether the user in other tenant is part of the team where your tab is configured?

@Nikitha-MSFT. All the users are members of the team, and in this case are all members of the tenant as well - the only guests are us. The links initially work, then stop working for every user after a day or two. For other clients where some of the members of the team are guests (and are not our users) the links work fine, and continue to work for all users. There's something about this one tenant which causes this issue, but we have no idea what could be happening to prevent the links from working.

@Daniel Osborn, could you please help us by sharing your manifest?

@Saonti-MSFT, please find a sample attached.

Are you still facing the issue? If yes could you please share the deeplink?