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we want to implement an customized MS Teams layout with integrated CI from our company. For example, adding a company logo or our CI colours.


I have searched a lot in the web and only found customable things like meetings rooms or the app store, but i mean customizing the ms teams app as a whole application. 


Maybe this is content for the teams developer section?


Thanks for your help.




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Moved this to the Teams developer forum

@MarianoGoettel- Are you developing any Teams Application?

@MarianoGoettel- Some app developers allow an app to be customized by the Teams admin. The admin can customize or rebrand the app properties based on the organizational needs using the Microsoft Teams admin center Manage apps page.
The details you can customize are:
Short name,Short description,Full description,Privacy policy URL,Website URL,Terms of use URL,Color icon,Outline icon,Accent color
Ref Doc-Customize apps in Microsoft Teams - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Docs




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Hey Sayali,

thanks for you message, but i mean branding the MS Teams-App itself and not the apps in it.

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@MarianoGoettel -We are mainly responsible for Microsoft Teams app development related issues.  

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