Custom Teams app showing blank screen

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Hi there,

I am creating a custom teams app as shown (between 10.07 - 11.45) here -   


I created multiple "Personal" tabs (4). They point to different URLs







Now from the above URLs, only the 4th one is working,




rest of the urls are not showing up, it is showing a blank screen. But all the URLs are working from a normal browser.




What exactly is the limitation on the URLs being shown in a Tab screen ?

If there are no limitations, how to debug and cross check what exactly is the error that is happening on the tabs ?


any help would be appreciated

Kind regards



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Tabs support Iframable pages. Your page needs to be iframable to display the page in tab. Could you please make sure the web page that you are trying to load meets the tab prerequisites.

Thanks for your reply Meghana, I was able to find the response headers and detect what they contain. With the right headers, I was able to get my example working. I have also published this work as a Blog so others might find it

Thanks again for your quick reply