Back button not working as expected in Mobile (Teams)

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I have the MS team's custom tab application for the team. It is an angular application, it has some internal navigations like navigating from one view to another. When I am sending a notification using the sendActivityNotification API call, it reaches the mobile app. With the click of the notification, the application loads and it works fine.

But after navigation, if I tap on the back button of the device or (<-) button from the MS team's app header then it behaves like loading the history instead of navigating back to the activity(Feed).




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@Pratapkarn2186 - There is already bug raised for the same. We will let you know if there is any update on it.
@Nivedipa-MSFT- We have observed the same issue in iOS devices- our app is added in personal tab.. This is impacting our users a lot.. Please let us know if it is already addressed or any other status? Thanks in advance.