Annotation in Teams

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We now have the ability to change our video background, but we still can't annotate while screen sharing. I thought that this would be a priority within the commercial setting it is designed for over fun tools. Any development timeline for this to be actioned without having to use whiteboard or snipping tool within windows and marking over? It is quite a fundamental tool that we use daily and we have to use another video calling app rather than this built in office enterprise solution.



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@kingsr Thanks for reaching out to us! We have a open workitem on this which we are working on, but we cannot give you an ETA on when this will be available.

Hi there. Hope all is well.

I wonder if there is an update to this now? Do you think an annotation feature will occur in the near future? We still have to switch between video applicaitons when we wish to annotate on documents that are being shared.

Many thanks.