Added a teams bot as a channel for Oracle Digital Assistant Bot. Teams bot is not able to interact

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Oracle provides a feature called Oracle Digital Assistant, which is a chatbot. It has a feature to configure other applications like Microsoft Teams, Slack, Facebook as channels.  Using this feature, users of these apps can access and interact with the Oracle Digital Assistant hosted on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. 


After configuration, conversation in Microsoft Teams Robot app is not reaching ODA and the interaction is not initiated. 

FYI - I'm using the Microsoft Fee evaluation account

This is the document followed for configuration:

Microsoft Teams (

Teams bot was created using the feature: "

  • Directly in Microsoft Teams, using App Studio


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@srinaths985, Could you please let us know whether your Oracle Digital Assistant Bot is able to hit the Endpoint when you post a new message in teams. Also please provide us the status message of the Endpoint.


@srinath985 - If you are still facing the issue, please share the above mentioned details.