SCCM Software Updates not installing to endpoints




I have a new built SCCM(MP,DP,SUP)(forestA), I have a remote DP on the other forest(forestB). I am currently testing software update deployment on my setup and upon checking to my testing client computer, the computer won't update. I have created sample windows 10 update and deploy that to my testing collection. WUAhandler.log has no error but in the Updatedeployment.log error is GetUpdateInfo: Failed to get targeted update error = 0x87d00215. 


i have seen this link

for the error code receive but i can succesfully distribute the content in the remote distribution point in the other forest.

What might cause the error?

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0x87d00215, it means "Item not found". Do you have enough disk space on the remote DP? No Maintenance Windows on the device collection? 

Yes i have enough disk space and no maintenance windows on the device collection. I reinstall the SCCM agent and this issue still occurs. On the status in monitoring window of the SCCM console, the Distribution point says that i have successfully distributed content on the remote DP but there is an error saying Failed to create virtual directory? i have seen a fix to this by restarting the DP and distribute again the content but still it persist. Is it a factor also for the updates not deploying to client computer?


Possible cause can be the distribution Manager requires that IIS base components be installed on the local Configuration Manager Site Server in order to create the virtual directory. Verify that IIS base components are installed on the local Configuration Manager Site Server, and IIS Web Services are installed on the Distribution Point Server.


All sccm components is working fine.. I have seen that WSUSpool on IIS is stopped. i have Started it and seen a fix regarding increasing Private memory limit to 4GB or more but still it stopping when client computer is scanning for update(I think).


Can you run this on your DP:

Import-module ServerManager

dism.exe /online /norestart /enable-feature /ignorecheck /featurename:"IIS-WebServerRole" /featurename:"IIS-WebServer" /featurename:"IIS-CommonHttpFeatures" /featurename:"IIS-StaticContent" /featurename:"IIS-DefaultDocument" /featurename:"IIS-DirectoryBrowsing" /featurename:"IIS-HttpErrors" /featurename:"IIS-HttpRedirect" /featurename:"IIS-WebServerManagementTools" /featurename:"IIS-IIS6ManagementCompatibility" /featurename:"IIS-Metabase" /featurename:"IIS-WindowsAuthentication" /featurename:"IIS-WMICompatibility" /featurename:"IIS-ISAPIExtensions" /featurename:"IIS-ManagementScriptingTools" /featurename:"MSRDC-Infrastructure" /featurename:"IIS-ManagementService"


Can you verify that SCCM site server computer account are in the Local Administrators group on the server where DP role is to be installed? 



Hi Alex!

Thanks for assisting. All prerequisites requirements on the remote DP is already installed. also sccm site server computer account is on the remote DP also. I can successfully install SCCM agents and deploy application packages to the client computers. I have a strong feeling that WSUSpool stopping on the IIS server is one that causing my software updates to not be deployed


I'm glad you may have found the root cause! Let me know :) 

Hi Alexander,

Issue still persist. Although WSUSpool is running smoothly. Logs show that software package content was not downloading to the client computer.


Can you share the log? 


i attach the sample screenshot i see in updatedeployment.log file




Could you share the screenshot of the deployment status on your SUG and the WUAHandler.log file on the clients? 



Deployment status for the update Group/collection was in unknown. force to run a cycle from the client workstation and it will say compliant. check the update history and software center, there is no applied update. 


Can you check "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\windows\WindowsUpdate WUServer" on the device? Correct server?


1. Go to C:\Windows\System32\GroupPolicy\Machine and delete Registry.pol.

2. Run Gpupdate /force

3. Start machine policy retrieval in configuration manager client control



WUserver is pointing in the sccm SUP and i have run the machine policy retrieval. and it is saying that the client computer is compliant. Checking the installed software update on the client computer it is not installed but it is still says compliant

@alexandertuvstrom IIS is *NOT* required on the site server, unless that site server itself hosts one of the roles that require IIS (such as the MP, DP or SUP role).

@Michiel Overweel 

That's correct. I wrote that he would review pre-reqs on DP and site server? :) 

You may correct me but the Distribution Manager requires that IIS base components be installed on the local Configuration Manager Site Server in order to create the virtual directory? Distribution Manager also requires that IIS Web Services be installed on the Distribution Point Server that needs to support Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS)?


I have figure out what is causing the error. It is the same behavior with patches that is not needed by the client computer. I have been pushing software packages that the client computer do not need. LOL! i thought i have a problem with sccm distribution point.

Thank you for all your help!


So good! I'm glad you found the problem :)

@alexandertuvstrom The Web Server role (IIS, with a couple of specific role services enabled) only needs to be installed on the Distribution Point server, not on the site server. Installation and configuration of the Distribution Point role is indeed handled by the SMS_DISTRIBUTION_MANAGER component, which runs on the site server, but it doesn't need IIS installed on the site server itself for that. See Site and site system prerequisites for Configuration Manager for details.