The microsoft surface pro4 flickering

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My surface pro 4 has a flickering screen issue for over 2 years. After I knew they will replace, I tried the whole process, but they would not do it. They asked us to turn off the surface, then turn on with the series of the surface and use the recording. The screen only flickering when you use it. I tried to open the surface with details about the model "computer detail" while I was using internet so that the screen started flickering and I could record. But they refused my video. I am working in the healthcare profession. I am an RN, highly trusted profession in the US. I bought this surface pro when I started my doctoral degree. Now I completed my degree but the screen issue is still there after updating a lot of programs. I will not lie about my surface pro issues. I gave up at asking them to replace or fix my issue. I hope someone can go to this community and read our posts about the surface pro issues. I wish I could have read all of these posts before deciding buy Microsoft surface pro.
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If you have Change brightness automatically when lighting changes enabled, try disabling it. @RNPdoctor68