Surface won't update or open Microsoft Store

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Hello community,
I have in my hands an old surface that I can't figure out why I cannot update the system nor open Microsoft Store.


Operating System: Win8.1 RT

Model: Surface 1516


I have formatted the device several times, downloaded a new copy of a "recovery drive for usb" but still nothing (

Do I need to download certain patch/service pack? 

Any help is appreciated.


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Hello Wakaguaka,

Windows 8.1 and RT are discontinued, they are not around anymore, that is why you dont' get updates anymore. Also the store is closed, I believe. I am not quite sure but 8.1 was a long time ago.



Hello @Deleted ,
Thank you for the feedback. 
Checked Windows RT 8.1's lifecycle and supposely it ends in 2023.

Not sure if Microsoft follows these forums. if not, do you know where could I address this issue?
Maybe There is a patch or something I could do in order to open the store.
I just need Office apps synced to the cloud if possible.




Oh I am so sorry for misleading you, I thought they ended support. I am don't know why your store is not working.

Can you contact Windows team at

Make sure to sign in with personal account, choose get help, type talk to agent, choose windows, technical, chat
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Hi Wakaguaka,

The Windows 8.1 store has been shut down for many years including Windows 8 Mobile, Windows 8.1 Mobile, Windows 8 and 8.1 desktop.

RT Is still supported for updates and support from Microsoft,s tore is not