Surface pro 4: touchpad and touchscreen issues

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Hello everybody

I'm having a weird issue with this older model Surface Pro 3 with i3 CPU.

The keyboard still works, but the touchpad doesn't.
The touchscreen works but only in certain windows.
For example i can open the settings window and i can use my pen and just fingers to navigate it.
However trying to close the window doesn't work.

In windows edge no issue either, except closing the window.

Most other windows will not react to anything.

Already did a full reset but didn't solve the problem.

Anybody have any idea why this happens?

Did the surface diagnostic toolkit.
Asside from the touchpad all tests where successfull.

EDIT. Tested the keyboard on my other surface pro 4 i7
Keyboard and touchpad both work fine on that device.

Not sure if the windows reset isn't enough and I need to do a full clean.

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