Surface 3 not turning on

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Hey guys, 


So this past month, whenever I charged my surface 3, sometimes the light would turn on but it would not say charging on the screen, so I would restart it as an easy fix. However, on Monday, I restarted It to fix the problem but it shut down and is hasn't turned on since. I have pressed the power button on for 30 seconds and even a minute, but my screen has remained black. I have also pressed it along with the volume-up button, but there's no response. I have left it on charge for a while as well and cleaned the power cord outlets. Let me know what you guys think I should do. 

Also, I've called Microsoft several times but they've been no help at all. I'm super frustrated. I just need the surface to turn back on so I can retrieve my Microsoft documents, as they are very important and they are not on my one drive, only my pictures are. I just need my Microsoft documents and downloads back. 

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