Running Windows 11 on Surface Pro 5 2017

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The Surface Pro 5 (2017) is currently not supported for Win11

It is disappointing that a relatively new machine coming from MS cannot run Win11

There is a semi-official Regedit hack that can allow the check to be bypassed and win 11 to be installed


But there is a lack of clarity around whether Win11 will actually run on SP5

Has anybody installed Win 11 on SP5 using the hack and been successful?

Do Windows Updates run OK?

I have Surface Pro 5 i5 8GB

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I have W11 on SP5. Hack work fine. Updates are available. My observations after two day from upgrade: power management is optimised somehow better than W10 (less heat, battery works a little more for me). Performance improved. I don't have negative comments. Enjoy! I'm a simple user (FB, Telegram, Netflix, Edge for browsing, Office 2013 x64, Music. No Game, nada.
Personnaly i will recommend update to W11. Cheers!