Zoom.us on the Surface Hub

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What are you guys doing to use Zoom on the Surface Hub?


Joining from the browser works after installing the new Edge but:

  • sharing the surface hub screen is not available on the browser app
  • every time Edge asks permission to use the camera
  • every time you need to wait for it to fail launching the desktop app until the "Join from the browser" link appears

And how do you communicate the join link to the surface hub users?
For ad-hoc meetings, the fastest way one of our users figured out to launch a zoom meeting is to create a meeting on his computer, copy the join link, create a mural from his computer, paste the join link in the mural, open the mural on the surface hub, and tap on the link to open Edge. This is insane


Using the Skype for Business - Zoom integration (link) has other downsides:

  • screen sharing takes 30 seconds to start, and sharing the surface hub screen doesn't work well (it doesn't update most of the times)
  • the surface hub user needs to type the 11 digits meeting ID followed by @lync.zoom.us and then the 6 digits zoom password
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