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Can anyone tell me why I cannot download the Zoom Rooms (which is found in the Microsoft Store ) on the Surface Hub?  It doesn't even appear in the Store on the Hub even though it is supposed to be available.



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Surface Hub runs a limited "RT" version of Windows. Is your OS x86 supported?


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Hi @erc_syn


This is the Zoom Rooms controller app, not the actual Zoom Rooms software.


The controller app supposedly runs on Surface Hub, but as it says this is just the controller for the Zoom Rooms hardware. It may be a mistake that they have listed this as running on Surface Hub, as I have no idea why anyone would want a controller app to be used on such a large device!


However, in most parts, the only requirement to having an app listed as running on Surface Hub is for it to be able to run on the required version of windows (Windows 10 1703 (Build15063)) and be listed in the Microsoft Store by the developer for 'Windows 10 Team' under the 'Let Microsoft device whether to make this app available to any future device families' option. See more info here.


I should also point out Surface Hub does not run an RT version of Windows, it runs Windows 10 Team which is based upon Windows 10 Enterprise but the shell is built from the ground up for large screen devices i.e Surface Hub. As such, you cannot install and run win32 apps, only UWP apps from the Microsoft Store, and as far as I know it is only compatible with Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business as conference solutions. You could however plug in 3rd party codecs for meeting rooms (like Cisco WebEx equipment that just requires a screen) and essentially use the Surface Hub as a screen.


More info about the differences between Windows 10 Team and Windows 10 Enterprise is available here.

You could just Call zoom meeting from the Hub using Skype for Business

Use the meeting room id and then type
Not super user friendly since there is not one touch to join, but it works.